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Germ-free drinking water with our products

Drinking water systems can contain pathogenic microorganisms such as legionella, which pose a health risk. Also, a proliferation of microorganisms can cause the formation of a so-called biofilm.

KyroChem offers a solution for both problems!

Professional drinking water disinfection from Germany

For the disinfection of drinking water, we offer you several products for the rapid production of stable chlorine dioxide solutions.

KYROZID®: Two-component system (solid / solid, solid / liquid or liquid / liquid) for the production of chlorine dioxide.

KyroTABS: Tablets for the production of chlorine dioxide.

KyroONE®: One-component powder for the production of chlorine dioxide.

KyroCAPS®: Capsules for the production of chlorine dioxide (free of electrolytes).

Chlordioxid Express: Set consisting of a tiny bottle containing small tablets for the production of a small amount of chlorine dioxide solution by adding water.

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KyroChem GmbH Deutschland – Your partner for reliable drinking water disinfection