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Swift production    -    Stable solution    -    Safe application

KYROL TC is a ready to use solution that generates chlorine dioxide when added to water.

KYROL TC has an oxidizing, bactericidal (also against legionella), algicidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect. Apart from active chlorine oxides KYROL TC also has a combination of additives for stabilizing the active compounds and preventing deposits. These properties are invaluable for treating cooling and process water.

If KYROL TC is to be stored for a longer time before use, it is advisable to prepare the product immediately before use. To this end, we also offer KYROL TC in two components. These have a high storage stability in the non-activated state. The mixing (activating) of the two components on site provides a fresh product, which has the greatest effect.

We offer KYROL TC in the following container sizes: 30 kg, 72 kg, 240 kg, 1200 kg (IBC)